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Richard Healey Removals - 10 Moving Tips

We understand that moving home can be stressful. Have a look at our moving tips that should help you on the lead up to your move.

1) Declutter Your Property :

Decluttering your property will create space for you to start packing and preparing the items that you do want to take to your new property.

2) Redirect Your Mail :

The Post Office have a service that will redirect all mail to your new address while you inform all companies and people of your new address, making sure that your mail doesn't go missing in the meantime.

3) Disconnecting Appliances :

Ensure your appliances are disconnected and ready to be moved by Richard Healey Removals on moving day. This would include, cookers, washing machines, dishwashers, fridges and freezers.

Also, ensure that freezers are defrosted and dry before transportation.

4) Dismantling Items : Check if Richard Healey Removals have included a dismantling service in your quotation and if not, ensure items such as beds, wardrobes, desks and other large item are dismantled in advance.

5) Helping Your Buyer :

Create a briefing sheet with key details about your property for the new owner. Information such as, the boiler, alarms, location of fuse boxes and meters should be included.

You can also ask the person you are buying from to do the same for you.

6) Keep Your Essentials Separate :

You'll need essentials when you first move in to your new home, have a box or two packed with the following :

Kettle, tea, coffee, milk, sugar, mugs, cleaning products, phone, laptop and chargers.

This will allow you to quickly relax while Richard Healey Removals bring everything else to your new home.

7) Pet-care & Child-care :

Moving home can be stressful and while Richard Healey Removals will take most of the stress away, arranging pet-care and child-care for the day will also help you focus on the important things happening on move day.

8) Outstanding & Upcoming Bills :

Moving home can be costly. Ensure that any outstanding bulls for your old property are covered and that you can cover upcoming move costs in the lead up to move day.

9) Final Walkthrough :

On move day, when everything has been taken, Richard Healey Removals' staff will complete one final walkthrough of your old property and make sure everything has been taken.

10) Review Your Removal Company :

Feedback is important to any service providers. Richard Healey Removals have various platforms for you to leave your comments on for future customers.

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