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Family Business

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

55 Years and Counting

In the 55 years Richard Healey Removals has been running we cant think of a more uncertain time than the last few months. Corona virus has had a major impact on the whole of society including ourselves. Fortunately it has also brought some positives such as time to catch up with things we have been putting off. Richard and Barry have been back in the workshop together painting one of the trucks and also managed to rope in Richard Healey Snr to help.

We also had some time to go through the archives and found this picture of Richard & Barry in the first few months they had started working together back in 1999. 21 Years later they are still friends and colleagues.

Barry and Richard with the old fleet in 1999
Barry & Richard Circa 1999

The last few months have been hard on everybody but it is good to know that you can always rely on your family and the rest of the team at Richard Healey Removals Ltd #FamilyBusiness #TBT

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