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How to move abroad ?

Planning a removal overseas can seem daunting however this guide should help to point you in the right direction.

Research & Planning

There is many things to consider when planning your move. Firstly you need to find out where you want to move to. Taking in to account taxes,Visa requirements (If Applicable) and Living costs. There is expat forums and social media groups that you can visit to get a feel for the area you are looking to move to.

Once you have decided the location you will need to decide when to move. Most companies including ourselves will be able to provide a quote if you know the area you are moving to and when. For example if you were moving within a 20 mile radius of Barcelona in September.

Now that you have the location and time frame you need to plan logistics. We would always recommend using a qualified and experienced mover. Do your research and find out the type of transport you will require whether its Airfreight,Sea freight or Land freight. Have a look at company reviews and websites to get a feel for each company. Make a shortlist of potential movers. Call and enquire if you have any questions.


Next you will need to obtain quotes. This can be done in many ways from website enquiries and live chats to direct messages and emails there is a plethora of different methods although if you're like us you will prefer a good old fashioned phone call. Movers will usually want to visit to see what has to be moved and discuss the best way to do this. A visit isn't always possible usually due to distance,don't worry there is still other ways we can quote such as video surveys.

Choosing Your Mover

You have all of your quotes you now need to decide which company to book. Check over each quote to see if the services offered are what you are looking for. Look out for any additional charges and make sure your mover is aware of the access at the delivery address.

Move Preparation

Now you have your removal booked it is time to continue preparations.

It is important to keep items such as passports,wallets,credit cards,money and medication completely separate from the goods that have to be moved.

Ensure boxes are labelled clearly if you are packing them yourself

Finalise arrangements for pets (If applicable)

Make sure to notify: Your GP

HM Revenue & Customs

Social Security Office

Department of Work and Pensions

You should now be prepared for your move day. Soon you can relax knowing your possessions are in good hands and you can start thinking about your new life abroad.

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